Otro banda di lama

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Everyone has a journey that leads to a different road

What would you do in a situation of desperation? For many in our neigh-boring countries, conflict, political turmoil, and poverty lead the vulnerable into marginalisation. But what if someone offered you a way out?

“Otro banda di lama” tells the story of Pedro and Camila, a couple who leave their family behind and risk their lives to find a better future, only to be deceived and trafficked by a network of criminals. Their story is a dramatisation, but this is the reality playing out right under our noses.

Habri bo wowo is an awareness campaign for human trafficking and migrant smuggling in Aruba by CMMA & Kentenmanager Venezuela

Open your eyes/ habri bo wowo

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Someone might be in a labor trafficking or exploitation situation if you learn they:

  • Feel pressured by their employer to stay in a job or situation they want to leave
  • Owe money to an employer or recruiter and/or not being paid what they were promised or are owed
  • Do not have control of their passport or other identity documents
  • Are living and working in isolated conditions, largely cut off from interaction with others or support systems
  • Appear to be monitored by another person when talking or interacting with other
  • Are being threatened by their boss with deportation or other harm
  • Are working in dangerous conditions, without proper safety gear, training, adequate breaks and other protections
  • Are living in dangerous, overcrowded or inhumane conditions provided by an employer

According to the UNODC, there are 4 main differences between human trafficking and migrant smuggling:


Smuggling includes consent by individuals to be moved across a border. Trafficking victims have either never given consent or, if consent was initially granted, it is rendered meaningless by coercion, deception, abuse, and exploitation.


Smuggling has three possible outcomes:

  1. A smuggler walks away with a migrant’s money,
  2. A migrant gets caught or perishes during the trip, or
  3. A migrant makes it to a destination and smuggling ends upon arrival.


Smuggling is always transnational. Trafficking exploitation can occur within a country or can involve border crossings.


Smuggling profits are derived from the transportation of an individual from one country to another. Trafficking profits are derived from exploitation.