The coastguard performed an amazing feat by intercepting a small boat after it had just clandestinely dropped a group of illegals off at Arashi beach. The police had received calls from locals living in the area who had seen the boat dropping off people. The boat returned while the people swam onto land. Various police units arrived right away and started searching the area around the coast, but they were unsuccessful. The coastguard had received the news as well and sent a boat out.

With a radar, they were able to see that the boat was heading south. After persecution, they managed to stop the small boat, with two people aboard. They were still in Aruba’s waters. They detained both people aboard immediately and returned with the boat to the coastguard’s base in Savaneta.

There the investigation process commenced. They will attempt to uncover how many people were dropped off at Arashi. The police returned to Arashi after securing the small boat, but searching in the darkness of night was unsuccessful. These people will probably emerge during the morning or afternoon as if nothing happened. Perhaps those who spot these individuals will be able to inform the police.