Meeting to formalise Coordinatie Centrum Mensenhandel Mensensmokkel Aruba

In a press conference, it was announced that the organization of CMMA( “Coördinatiecentrum Mensenhandel Mensensmokkel Aruba” ) will be a point of attention for the upcoming cabinet. 


Ms. Jeannette Richardson- Baars, the Coordinador of CMMA, and project manager Angela Persad recently met with the government mandator Evelyn Wever-Croes. During the meeting, they discussed what the CMMA is doing for the Aruban community and why it is important to continue with the program. One of the most important aspects of this meeting was the formalisation of the CMMA by the Aruban Government in order to continue developing their plans. CMMA started in 2020, right before the global pandemic and continued working toward the 3 main goals which are: to inform, educate and assist in the fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling on Aruba. 

The CMMA has a tip line dedicated to human trafficking and migrant smugling situations where people can call for more information and notify the authorities of suspicious activity. The Habri Bo wowo campaign (www.habribowowo) was a part of the effort to inform the local community of the problem and severity of human trafficking and migrant smuggling.


Source: Gabinete Wever-Croes