It was after 12:00 am on Monday when the police were searching for a boat that had transported people illegally from Venezuela earlier that night. They found a small boat in the ocean, just behind the dog cemetery. It appeared to be the boat named Ariangel, which is usually stationed behind the Big Mama Grill at Baby Beach.

Since there was no one on board, they cannot say with certainty that this is the boat that illegally transported the 11 people that were captured earlier that night near Sero Colorado. These people will have to be interrogated at the coast guard to determine whether or not this is the boat they arrived in. Additionally, it must be verified who of the 9 men and 2 women that arrived on the island was the captain and crewmembers. These will likely not be illegals but are suspects of human trafficking, which will warrant them a long stay in prison.

The coast guard inspected Ariangel to see if weapons or drugs were left behind, but they encountered nothing. Now they must find a way to remove the boat from the water to bring it to the coast guard for further inspection.