At around 10:00 pm on Sunday night, the police received information from various people in the Sero Colorado area. They went to the scene immediately and started searching the surrounding area.

Their action paid off because they managed to detain 11 people that night, 9 men and 2 women. These people were trying to enter our island illegally. Many of them were already known by the police because they had recently been deported.

For almost two hours, members of the Aruban Police Corps with a helicopter and K-9 units, ‘Guarda Nos Costa’ and the coast guard searched the entire Sero Colorado area. This tactic seemed to be very effective because in various spots out in the area, people who were trying to hide from the police were spotted and arrested.

Even with the helicopter’s spotlight shining on him, one of the people made a desperate attempt to flee from the police. He was, however, unsuccessful, the police managed to pin him down and detain him. We saw this man a little later in the night, his back was covered in scratches and he appeared to be very tired. Then the police put him in a transport vehicle.